Several aspects


Parkinson smartwatch helps to be ‘green’: well functioning, without bothering symptoms, 

Two main problems occur in the treatment of parkinson's disease:

Undertreatment, when dopamine levels are too low. This will cause typical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease: stiffness, slowness, slow gait, tremor (trembling, shaking), poverty of movements, soft speech, difficulty to get up from a chair, small steps, etc. This state is called ‘off’. Yellow is the color representing this state: deep yellow when severe, more towards green for a bit off. Showing your doctor where the worst moments of the day occur in your PSW diary, helps to find a treatment strategy to get rid of them.

The other problem is associated with overtreatment, when dopamine-levels are too high you may experience involuntary movements called dyskinesia or choreodystonia.  Red is the color for dyskinesia. Less severe dyskinesia are scored  closer to the green (in the middle on the ‘rainbow‘), and represented in charts as orange (moderate)  or pink (slight)..

Careful: tremor is yellow, not red

An appointment at the doctors office is easily hampered by lack of time. Just as you like to have information from the doctor, the doctor needs a lot of information from you. With PSW you communicatie with your doctor in a very effiient way: filling the diary by tapping the watch, these data are transformed into charts. These  are shown at your MyPSW and available to your doctor. These images may tell a doctor more than a 1000 words. 


The charts allow the doctor also to communicatie more effectively with you: you can see the effect of an intervention (like changing the dose of a pill) in your charts. 

PSW supports you and your team of care-givers to get the best treatment possible. Knowing this is a big relief: Relief causes relaxation. Relaxation is an important way to improve Parkinson’s.

PSW improves communication. That also reduces stress. Nice!

PSW reminds you of taking pills and exercises. Thats a relief too! And it makes your treatment more effective, which makes you feel better and put you more at ease. 

If Parkinson’s get bad, you may feel like loosing control. PSW helps you to get back in control again. Optimize your treatment schedule with your doctor,. Prepare your doctor’s visits in a convenient way, by presenting him or her with a diary that shows the coiurse of your disease. Take the right pills at the right time, with the PSW reminder. Take regular execises, reminded by PSW. Involve your family in a way that doesn’t bother them: share your MyPSW with someone close to you, and they will see just like your doctor, how you are doing. All these options will increase your sense of being in control.

A fall may cause a big problem: breaking a hip or a wrist can make you immobile. At a moment where you need help the most, PSW may save you a lot of problems. PSW may detect a fall, and send an alarm to your family.

Set reminders for your pills and add a picture which will show you what you take at that time, and get this reminder at your watch. A convenbient way to take the right pills at the right time. Take care though: this systems depends completely on your own accuracy. Setting the wrong time or wrong picture may cause problem, so don’t hesitate to get help from someone close to you!
Set reminders for exercises in a similar way