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with a Parkinson Smartwatch!

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The problem

Levodopa is the most effective medicine for treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Because each pill only works for a few hours most people take levodopa a few times a day. The timing and dosage of pills is crucial for staying OK. If your symptoms fluctuate, for example good hours alternating with either stiff and slow hours or periods with too much movement, then adjustments to your treatment schedule may help significantly. 
In this figure the white line indicates the level of levodopa in the blood. For the optimal treatment of Parkinson’s this level should stay within the green area on the chart. To achieve this, your doctor needs to know how you are doing during the day. That’s where the electronic diary of the Parkinson smartwatch can help!


The watch

With a Parkinson Smartwatch you can easily keep track of the severity of your Parkinson’s, a really simple way to keep a diary. Whenever you notice a change in your condition you can record this using the ‘Status Rainbow’. Simply touch the color on the Rainbow that matches how you are feeling: yellow means ‘off’ or ‘bad’ (slow, stiff, tremor etc.), green is ‘good’, and red is for involuntary movements. 

Whenever you take your pills or eat a meal the simple touch of an icon records it in your electronic diary. 

The information that you record using your watch is then sent to the Cloud where it is stored securely. You and your doctor can view smart charts of the data on your personal, private Parkinson Smartwatch webpage. The webpage is accessible from anywhere in the world using either a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. 

The Parkinson Smartwatch is really easy: you can start using the system after watching a two minute instruction video. 

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The solution

On your personal Parkinson Smartwatch webpage you will be able to see charts comprising the data you recorded on the watch, thereby allowing you to track changes in your condition. The charts are designed in such a manner that they can help your doctor adjust the treatment plan to better suit your needs. 

The charts indicate when you took your pills and ate your meals. Different colors (on the charts) show how you are doing from one hour to the next. The system is also capable of automatically gauging how much you move. Making it easier for you and your doctor to discuss how to make improvements. Parkinson Smartwatch supports you and your treatment team in striving for as many good hours as possible. 

Parkinson Smartwatch also helps you to take your medicines correctly: at individually specified times a reminder will appear on the watch with a photo of your personal medication. This will assist you with taking the right pills at the right time.

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