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The first product that measures Parkinson 24/7. With this product, daily activities will be for granted longer and patient's quality of life will improve.

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Perform accurate measurements on your disease 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and receive the threatment that belongs to your condition.

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Why choose Us.

The Parkinson Smartwatch is the first product that accurately measures Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Based on the data, the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease can be modified to the patient’s situation. The product meets the preferences of the target group that arose from the research ‘acceptability of wearable devices by elderly people’. The Parkinson Smartwatch is designed like a ‘normal’ watch whereby the patient won’t be labeled as being sick. Parkinson Smartwatch BV strives for the best security of your data. Therefore, the data meets all safety nd privacy standards for medical devices.

What we Do.

The Parkinson Smartwatch is developed for people with Parkinson’s Disease. The Parkinson Smartwatch is an attractive designed watch that accurately measures the patient’s ‘amount of Parkinson’ 24 hours a day. When there is an internet connection, the Parkinson Smartwatch sends the data automatically to our medical cloud platform. Our platform meets all the security standards for medical data and provides nearly every interface standard for medical systems so that the data becomes available for every hospital and doctor. With this information, the doctor can adjust the treatment to the condition of the patient. We develop this product and platform so that you are less affected by Parkinson’s Disease and in this way the disease has less impact on your life.

Our Mission.

Parkinson Smartwatch B.V. will improve the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease with accurately measured data whereby the patient’s quality of life will improve and the use of medication will reduce.

Our vaue adding Data.

The Parkinson Smartwatch measures the patient’s specific tremors, and several other parameters. The intensity of PD differs per patient and is constantly changing. With this data, the quantity of medication and the perfect time to take this medicine can be determined. This data will also give an insight into the patient’s exercises and can help to define what exercises will help the patient to lower the intensity of the PD-symptoms. With the data, the best way of treatment can be adapted to the needs of the patient so that daily activities will be longer for granted and de patient’s quality of life will increase.


The classical designed analogue watch with outstanding performance 24 hours a day that changes your life.


Our data platform provides most interface standards for medical systems. Data can be made available for every hospital or doctor.


The Parkinson Smartwatch accurately measures the tremor, heart rate and general activity of the patient 24 hours a day.


The Parkinson Smartwatch has built-in wireless charging.


We give high priority to the security of your confidential medical data. Our system meets all de safety requirements for medical data.


The data is automatically send to our medical cloud platform and from there the data will be automatically shared with the doctor.


The data gives the patient personnel feedback and a performance curve.

And even more...


The data is anonymously stored for Big Data Analysis for PD research over a large group.


Through our algorithm the Parkinson Smartwatch converts the data into useful information. With this information the state of the disease is visible for patient and doctor.


The Parkinson Smartwatch’s design is like a ‘normal’ watch so that the patient won’t be labeled as being sick.


With the Parkinson Smartwatch the intensity of the symptoms will decrease and the patient’s quality of life will improve.

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Customer Testimonails

We are looking for partners who want to invest with us in the development of the Parkinson Smartwatch. Together we can improve the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. For more information please contact us by email or phone through the contact details below.

Ing. J.C. Muller CEO Parkinson Smartwatch
Customer Testimonails

Parkinson Smartwatch BV is also looking for sales and distribution partners in different countries. Please contact us by email or phone through the contact details below.

Ing. J.C. Muller CEO Parkinson Smartwatch

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