The icons of the watch

Click an icon to find out what it does

  • I am eating a meal now

    Tap this icon whenever you eat a meal. Your doctor can use this information to check the influence of meals on the absorption of the medication.  

  • I am going to sleep now. 

    This will record sleep in your electronic diary, until you use the Status rainbow again.

  • Clock

    Check the time. Swipe the screen of the watch to bring you back to the homescreen

  • Medicine

    Tap this icon to record when you take your medicine.

  • List of symptoms

    Tapping this icon will open a list of symptoms that you may experience. Tap an item in the list to add it to the electronic diary.

    The list is individual and you can edit it on your personal webpage. 

    Here is an example of a list

    symptoms watch

    You can use the list to record any symptoms, side effects, events, or anything else that you find helpful. 

  • The Status Rainbow


    Record the status of your condition using the Status Rainbow. The Rainbow is the most important icon on the Parkinson Smartwatch. You can read more about it HERE.