Company information

Parkinson Smartwatch BV is part of

Medical Device Development Group BV

Mallemoolen 23a

6901 GS Zevenaar

The Netherlands


Our vision

Parkinson Smartwatch anticipates a better future for people with Parkinson’s disease by harnessing the power of Information Technology (IT) in a ‘Smart’ way. The Parkinson Smartwatch offers doctors and healthcare professionals greater insight into the progression of the disease, alongside valuable information about the status and needs of the patient. The Parkinson Smartwatch enables superior accuracy in monitoring the patient, leading to improved communication between doctor and patient, tailored treatment plans, and the reduction of cost and waste.  

Our mission

The company strives to offer each Parkinson’s patient maximum treatment efficacy, with a Parkinson Smartwatch. We create practical solutions for actual needs as experienced in clinical practice. We try to support many different aspects of the disease with a single information system which includes modules for movement registration, pharmacotherapy, falls, coaching, symptom-registration, training and communication. 

Our team
Engineer Hasse Muller
studied physics. He has developed technical products for more than 20 years. Since 2010 his company Innofab offers the bridge between costomer-needs an technical possibilities. Hasse ‘s accomplishments include technical development, innovation, productdevelopment and management.
dr. Peter Nijssen,
Peter Nijssen
a former neurologist in Tilburg, has treated many patients with Parkinson's disease. His understanding of patients' needs led to the development of a prototype ParkinsonSmartwatch: an instant succes. Alongside a large network and an ability to develop software, Peter knows the many aspects of the disease. He has a strong drive to find solutions to patients' problems.
Ad Linssen,
The former CFO of, Ad Linssen, joined the team in 2018, with a focus on finance and business development. He has substantial experience in e-Health and digital applications.